Re-affirmations & Vow Renewals

Re-affirmations & Vow Renewals

Re-Affirmation Ceremony / Renewal of Marriage Vows

Many couples are now choosing to renew their marriage vows to celebrate their love and commitment. Some couples choose to re-affirm their marriage on an important wedding anniversary or date of special meaning to them.

A Re-Affirmation Ceremony or Renewal of Marriage Vows can be a meaningful, and touching occasion, not only for you as a couple, but also for your friends and family. It provides a formal and romantic opportunity for you to reflect on your marriage and your future, an opportunity to further cement your commitment to one another. The emphasis is on your relationship, on all the unique and personal things that have made your marriage endure, so a reaffirmation ceremony is a sincere way of thanking your family and your friends for the love and the support they’ve shown you and your marriage over the years.

Phillip can personalise a re-affirmation ceremony to suit your individual style and tastes. He can renew your marriage vows throughout Sydney (Australia) and surrounding areas.

Commitment ceremonies

As well as wedding ceremonies, Phillip will also perform commitment ceremonies for same-sex couples.